RIBBON STREAMER: Woman Warrior-Jael w/twirl stick

But when he was deeply asleep, Ya‘el (Jael) the wife of Hever (Heber) took a tent peg and a hammer in her hand, crept in to him quietly and drove the tent peg into his temple, right through to the ground; so that he died without waking up. Judges 4:21 (CJB)

   TESTIMONY: Nailed it! ...destiny awaits

Jael was a warrior in the scriptures; strong, powerful and a woman who knew what she must do in that very moment of time (Kairos Moment) to fulfill destiny. The enemy was at her finger tips and what did she do? SHE NAILED HIM! Aha! Jael is a warrior with a strategic plan to defeat the enemy. Reading in Judges 4 we see that she knew what to do and patiently waited for the enemies weakness (overly tired) before she would strike. Strategy was key.


  • 3 colors: light pink, fuchsia and burgundy leopard print, with sequin or trim accents
  • Various widths, lengths and types of ribbons are used [approx. 5 feet in length]
  • Free-flow hook design for full spin and easy removal from the wooden dowel
  • 12 inch, all wood dowel 

All ribbon ends are passed over an open flame to seal the ends which helps with fraying.

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