LACHRYMATORY: Ancient Replica, Tear Jar

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?  Psalm 56:8


  • LACHRYMATORY: the lacrimal duct in our eye produces tears

Ancient “tear bottles” have recently been excavated by archaeologists in Israel.  There are many accounts and stories of lachrymatories documented in middle eastern history and in Roman times, women would fill these small glass jars with their tears and place them in tombs as symbols of love and mourning for their deceased loved one. 

(Photo: the name of this piece is; Mishpat (justice) and Tzedakah (righteousness) in Hebrew.  Yeshua restores our honor as women and lifts us out of our shame.

The lachrymatory gives value to our tears.  Every single tear that we shed is so precious to God that He collects them in a special jar.  He cares for you...


  • Tear Jar: 5" tall and 2" round (approx)
  • Color: Orange frosted glass
  • High quality replica
  • Gift Boxed (padded)
  • Laminated description card (included!)

"A lachrymatory is a special gift to give to a friend or family member.  Interestingly I had given a tear jar to my friend as a special gift after we had finished the Bible Study by Kristi McLelland titled; Jesus and Women (I highly recommend this study, it's excellent!)  Little did I know that it was a prophetic gift and she would lose her baby brother just a few months later.  She said it is very special to her and will cherish it always."  ~Lora

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