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DANCE VEIL: Preparation


I love your website. I spent hours pondering and reading and enjoying the beauty of your gifts. Thank you for sharing your love of God and worship-warfare with the use of these beautiful silk banners.

In January I decided to learn how to worship with flags. August 1 my first flags arrived! I am delighted with the beauty and flow and size of each veil. I love the names of the veils and meanings of the colors.

Two years ago my word of the year was "river". Last year my word was "move". This past March my word for the month was "flow". The veil River Flow released this blessing over me. Beloved let the rivers of life, of living water flow and move in and through you. I absolutely love dancing before the Lord with this silk.

My word for this year is "bride". When I read the description for the veil Preparation of the Bride, I knew I wanted to worship with this banner over me: The orange is the fires of testing and preparing You to be My Bride. The white is the purity I see in your lifestyle of worship unto Me. The yellow is My seal upon your life...I gave you My anointing, to show others the way to My heart'

Date Added: 08/07/2018 by Linda S.

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