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Gary & Lora [The Roz's]PHOTO ON RIGHT: Gary & I  having a little fun, enjoying snow in Florida

Gary & Lora Rozkowski [The Roz's]

Gary and I have lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida for almost 30 years and originally we're from Detroit, Michigan. Our family is all living nearby and we share our home with our little dogs; Ridley & Ruby and our cute parakeets David & Bathsheba.   With awe we see God's purpose and destiny for our lives unfold before us more and more every day.


We serve the LORD as missionaries and we have a heart to reach out with God's love sharing His Word with the hungry heart. As we travel abroad to the nations, we continue to be seek the LORD for His leading by the Spirit and opportunities to serve in the mission field. Please keep us in your prayers. Here's our page on missions: Mission News


Jesus Christ has made everything we are and everything we do... possible. Click on our testimonies below to read how our lives have changed for eternity. Blessings, Lora


   Lora's Testimony

   Gary's Testimony



   Lora Rozkowski is a licensed minister, missionary, teacher and business owner. Ministry - BIO

         Lora's worship arts ministry website: Boots on the Ground (BOTG)

   Gary Rozkowski is a  missionary, teacher and gifted Evangelist with a Bachelor's Degree in Theology (BT).  Ministry - BIO

   This is our Missions website:  Roz's Mission News


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