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Our God Is A Consuming Fire! Hebrews 12:29

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Receive...BelovedLora shares her inspirational teachings with 'whosoever will'. A good place to start is... What Are Tabrets?









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Hi Lora! I'm so blessed to be on your beautiful website. Your website is so informational,you have affordable merchandise as well.I'm looking forward to buying my items and putting them to use! I've been flagging on and off for 14 years now, and I'm starting to feel a pull to be more consistent in flagging. As I was surfing your website I seen some material you have in your teaching section. is it okay if I print for my personal use? I will also be sharing it with my daughter. Please let me know, again Thank You for sharing this with us. This has been the easiest website with various resources I've come across in years.

Thank You for your service and hard work! TM


Hi Lora, I've been invited to a small retreat to teach about worshiping the Lord with worship flags. I would like to add PowerPoint slides about the meaning of colors and I found your PDF handout on the internet. "Bible Significance of Color & Color Combinations." May I have your permission for this? I saw on your website that you have some names for movements too and have not looked in to that to present yet, but that looked interesting also and I may want to use that too.

Thank you, KG

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