Our God is a consuming FIRE. Hebrews 12:29 

Lora (owner) demonstrating Firebrand Silk Flags witn flexi-rods

Yahweh's fiery presence...

The hair on His head was white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace…His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.  Revelation 1:14&16

Read my TESTIMONIAL Feet Of FIRE!  It's part of the beginnings of God's impartation in my life and His FIRE which has brought me to this season of ministry.  ~ Lora


I bless God for touching your heart to make these Lg. ROAR Flags for me ! Thank you so much they are perfect !! Such beautiful work ??? God bless you and your ministry, you have been so patient and graceful!  I’ll be sending pictures soon
Thank you, JC

Monthly Specials For December - FIRE!

SILK FLAG: Deep Waters, Medium sized
$34.00 $31.00Save: 9% off

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