Make His Praise Glorious! Psalm 66:2

Worship Arts Ministry, Boots on the Ground celebrating Tabernacles at Hudson Beach, Florida.
 Hudson Beach, Florida - Shavout Celebration

Our worship flags are available in four types of fabric: 100% Habotai Silk, China Silk, Lame' fabrics and our Hologram FIRE fabric.

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What others are saying...

"I’m so grateful for this! Thank you! It’s truly prophetic in my life as a new season is literally at our doorstep, in our family, where the Lord is taking us, we are about to move taking a step in faith. I’m blessed at the Lord how He is so wonderful, I hear Him saying He is lifting up my head that I will worship more, in a new way in this new beginning and season! He’s given me the instrument!!! He given me a sign through you, a milestone and is speaking into my future that the new beginning is BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

? He knows me so well, this flag, this instrument (Long Beginnings Flag), is just me. The colors the meaning. I’m blessed. He’s putting creative power, flowing, stirring into my hand to carry out His good pleasure. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"    Roberta P

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