WEAPONS BAG: for warrior sticks, sm flags

Colorful West African Drawstring Bag

This Nigerian print fabric has vivid colors that are very bright.  The fabric background is black with puple, red, and yellow designs.  It is known as "Ankara or Mudcloth.

We are recommending this bag to keep your warrior rods (war sticks) in.  Their are many other uses for the bag like carrying; batons, small flags, ribbon streamers, etc. 

"Personally I just love this fabric and it brings such joy as I sew each bag!" ~Lora


  • Mudcloth Bag (waxed)
  • 22 inches long x 7 inches wide (approx.)
  • Drawstring w/clamp 
  • Lora original designz
  • FREE blank dogtag

 The Ankara fabric, originally known as the Dutch Wax Print, has been in existence for a long time.  Initially, it was produced by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market through a process called ‘Batik’. The Indonesians carried out batik by melting wax and making a pattern of it across a blank cloth. 

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