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Our God Is A Consuming Fire! Hebrews 12:29

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FLAG POLE: Micro-sized, telescoping 9.5'

Elizabeth C.
Great blessings to you Lora,
I just opened my package and saw your lovely gift. I greatly love Dance so very much. God bless you and increase you on every side. Amen...

TZITZITS: Traditional blue & white

Sallie D.
The Tzitzit set was really beautiful. Thank you for making these and sharing them with others. We've enjoyed worshiping with these flags. God is teaching us a new way to war.
Thank you. Sallie...

DANCE VEIL: Beginnings

David F.
I LOVE my new scarves/flags and tabret, I received as gifts from my husband for Christmas!!!! Our daughters love theirs as well. We have had some amazing times as a family worshiping the LORD!! Thank you for creating such beautiful and anointed items to glorify God!!!

Blessings and Shalom,
Sandra Merkel-Finley and family

P.s. interestingly although we are from the U.S. we found out about you and your ministry through a friend from Australia!!! God is connecting people interesting and intricate ways these days!...

SILK FLAG: Firebrand with flexi-rod

Fiona M.
I love it, it meets all my expectations.

ABBA... I Give You My Heart (soft cover), WORKBOOK

Kathleen C.
Hello Lora Merry Christmas thank you so much for writing this book Yeshua has taken me into a deeper level of worship through the ruach Kodesh and Abba Father words wow elated so inspirational Many Blessings and Shalom for you and your husband and family ...

SILK FLAG: Living Waters, small with flexi-rod

Kristine W.
Thank you so much for selling these amazing flags for such an affordable price! I've been wanting to get better flags for our children's ministry at Convergence House of Prayer for years,& I felt great peace in ordering these. I know it is a sacrifice for you to sell these at these prices, & I want you to know that I really appreciate it. God bless you abundantly with a heart that is fully in love with Him & consistently full of true joy!...

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