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Our God Is A Consuming Fire! Hebrews 12:29

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TZITZITS: Traditional blue & white

Gayle S.
Thank you so much! I received my order quickly on Monday the 5th.

ABBA... I Give You My Heart (soft cover), WORKBOOK

Louise M.
Whether one is new to or seasoned in the dance worship arts ministry, this workbook is reflective, insightful, and revelatory. This text pierces one’s heart to become a true worshiper of Abba, our Heavenly Father. Even if one does not belong to a dance team, read it and be changed to glorify God. ~Louise...

SUPPLIES: Flexi-rod (2 size choices) .098"

Lesia L.
Hello Lora,
I received the flexi-rods today and I am very excited to use them!
Thank you so much!
Blessings to you and your business.

ABBA... I Give You My Heart (soft cover), WORKBOOK

Lynn A.
Love this book!!! Lora guides you (and your worship arts team) into a deeper, richer worship, as you walk with her through this study. Get ready to have your heart open to fully love God and then to bless Him with pure, loving worship. I was mentored under Lora at the time God birthed this study in her, so I was taught using the prototype, but I have to tell you, this printed version is even more astounding. Being a visual person, I absolutely love the layout of every single page, all is arranged to stir up you up and awaken every part of your being. The large type font and spiral binding is a real bonus when leading a group study.
You will be amazed at what happens to you and your team as you go through this study together with Lora as this beautiful daughter of God, shares her heart and HIS heart with you.

ABBA... I Give You My Heart (soft cover), WORKBOOK

Karen L. G.
ABBA...I Give You My Heart is an inspiring wonderful book for the Bride of Christ and the woman seeking a closer walk with the Bridegroom. A guide with practical teaching to strengthen and give growth on a journey in discovering a wonderful walk with God. Written with love in an easy, understandable and fun format, Lora encourages journaling as the start while you search the Bible for answers to yourself, His daughter, His Bride. You will learn to free yourself in God’s word with an understanding of Hebrew language and verses at your pace... a study without pressure and learning His Ways with His Words for your soul. An enjoyable study for the “Me” in spending moments with God in His time. I encourage Women of Christ everywhere to seek out this wonderful book which is written by Lora with love. She shows us the fruits of the Spirit which the reader seeks and is found in the teachings of God... our Father.
Get more comfortable with your Bible and God and get ready for the Bridegroom with her easy reading Bible study.
Lora’s book... is a must......

SILK FLAG: Firebrand with flexi-rod

Margaret S.
I received these beautiful flags the other day and used them at my Sabbath fellowship. They are so easy to use and very floaty. People were very blessed when they saw me using them. Thank you Lora for your beautiful work. J pray the Lord G-d of Israel will continuly bless you always. Blessings in Yeshua xxxMargaret...

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